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Way of Life; The Islamic Principles

Other than the joys and rewards of the world, another real part that Islam performs is of showing good standards to the believer. Also, these ethical standards are not simply to be perused or seen; rather you should put to rehearse it in the world, so the adherents of Islam speak their religion in the […]

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Ten Important Hadith On Zakat

Being one of the main pillars of Islam, a lot has been said and discussed about Zakat. This blog will try to cover several Zakat hadiths, discussing the various aspects of it. Let’s enlighten ourselves together! Obligations of Zakat Narrated by Jarir bin ‘Abdullah I gave the pledge of allegiance to the Prophet (pbuh) for […]

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Ten Prerequisite Before Performing Hajj

Performing Hajj is a duty endowed upon every abled Muslim. While it is a dream for all Muslims to fulfill this obligation at least once in their lifetime, only the more fortunate ones get the chance to visit the House of Allah. We all feel the excitement of the pilgrimage, the recitation of duas and […]

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